Women in Logistics

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Women at Logos

Within the transportation and material moving occupations, only 16.5% of workers are women, and in the Logistics industry as a whole in 2020 only 22% of workers were women. At Logos, 28% of our workers are women. However, at this time we have no female operatives. So we are proud that we are pushing the gender gap and we know there is room to improve in areas within our company.

Gender Bias

From a young age, we grow up and assign certain job roles, sports and school subjects to one gender, this is due to historical and cultural reasons that shape our perception. Industries like logistics, manufacturing, construction etc. are perceived as a male job role compared to more humanistics job roles in industries like healthcare and public relations. To undertake a role within the logistics operatives there is an association with physical strength and carrying heavy loads. For women who are already employed they could face difficulty in establishing themselves and growing within a company, due to stereotypes of male leadership roles. Another indicator of less women working in Logistics is due to the often demanding work schedule, with the struggle of implementing a work-life balance for women due to an often unequal division of caretaking duties.

Inspirational Women

A recent inspiring story of the first fully licensed female crane operator in Ireland. An 18 year old woman from Galway received her full licence at the beginning of this year. From a young age she was never aware of any gender divide, living on a farm and being encouraged to drive machinery. This news story has spread across the UK and we hope it can be an inspirational one for young women.

Women in STEM

Organisations like STEM Women (science, tech, engineering, maths) work to show women the opportunities that are available to them in these industries, with the goal of closing the gender gap. Their site includes resources, opportunities and articles of inspirational women in the industries.

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