Move Management Solution

Logos Logistics develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the entire moving process. Factors such as the distance of the tool journey, transportation method, specialist equipment selection, technical capabilities and project timelines are considered. Collaboration and cross team communication with tool owners, facilities management, project managers and other sub-contractors ensures the plan is executed within agreed timescales and budget. With their 20 years’ experience relocating factories globally, Logos Logistics can identify potential risks associated with the relocation process and develop effective and efficient strategies to mitigate them.

Move Management Solition
Air Flotation

Air Flotation

Logos Logistics offer specialist rigging and specialise in the use of air flotation. Air flotation moves heavy machinery by creating a thin film of air between the machinery and the ground surface. This air cushion significantly reduces friction, allowing for smooth and effortless movement. Logos Logistics’ operatives have extensive experience utilising this move method in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor cleanroom relocation requires strategic planning, cleanroom compliant protocols and specialised move methods like air flotation. Logos Logistics’ experienced operatives have used this method to move super conducting magnets and full wafer fab relocations.

Safety Culture

Logos Logistics’ health and safety principles of Stop, Discuss, Decide create an environment of trust. With a proud history of no reportable accidents or incidents on site, they are proud of their zero claims insurance record for on site equipment and employee safety. This is why Global technology leaders entrust their equipment into the safe hands of this empowered team everyday.

Safety Culture

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